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Nationwide Building Society Mitigates Resilience Risk and Supports Capability Investments
Nationwide Building Society uses Planview’s solution for capability and technology management as its single, trusted repository for application portfolio management and technology portfolio management. With Planview, the enterprise architecture program can proactively address resilience risk and improve confidence in investments, ultimately providing resilient banking services to members.
Advance Capabilities and Technology
Going digital means reinventing the enterprise. Well-positioned enterprise architects can take the opportunity to lead in transformation initiatives, but it often means a reinvention of capability and technology management as well.
Planview Enterprise One
Accelerate strategic execution enterprise-wide across all work and resources
6 Business Centric Reports that Empower Enterprise Architects
Take a look at six common technology issues and the reports that help visualize business impacts and outcomes.
Planview's Capability and Technology Management Solution (Including Enterprise Architecture)
See how Planview’s capability and technology management solution enables you to advance business capabilities and realize strategies by making better enterprise architecture decisions about application and technology portfolios.
Accelerate Lean and Agile Delivery
Realize Agile-at-Scale – From Teams to the Enterprise