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Teams of Teams Demo

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Teams of Teams Demo

Teams of Teams Demo

How Planview provides visibility across the Agile Release Train

The Teams of Teams or ART(s) are the heartbeat of Agile at scale, taking the organization’s biggest priorities and delivering against them in an accelerated and predictable way. But delivering value like this requires practice, and it requires technology and solutions that ensure the teams stay aligned and coordinated all the way from strategy to delivery.

In this demo, you’ll learn how Planview allows you to:
  • Enable Agile Program Management with highly configurable visual program boards for better planning, coordination and collaboration across teams
  • Connect business strategy to team-level delivery, ensuring what is delivered to the market directly impacts the bottom-line
  • Reduce team costs by limiting re-work, prioritizing high-value work first, and pivoting toward better business decisions
  • Maximize and accelerate Agile team delivery by visualizing different work methodologies and processes for Kanban, Scrumban, and Scrum, in a single view
  • Foster collaboration and teams of teams planning with a clear view of progress and cross-team dependencies across all Agile teams
With Planview, choose how you want to scale and when. We’ll help you transform and scale Agile on your terms and timeline.

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