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Shift vs. Drift

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Shift vs. Drift

Shift vs. Drift

Connecting Strategy to Outcomes in Rapid Change

Thriving in an era of rapid change requires two persistent competencies: adaptability and connecting strategy, teams, and outcomes across the enterprise.

WHY IT MATTERS: The pace of change will only continue to accelerate. Your organization needs effective strategy implementation and a heavy dose of agility to deliver the outcomes that matter consistently.
And yet, the latest research reveals:
  • Low adaptability. Just 15% of executives are confident in their organization's ability to adapt to change
  • Fragmented connection. Over 80% of executives acknowledge the need to enhance their companies' internal communication, cross-functional collaboration, and employee engagement. 
To fill this competency gap, most executives believe their organization needs to improve accountability in strategy implementation (86%) and in goal-setting and performance-monitoring systems (84%).

THE BOTTOM LINE: Strategic drift could cost organizations up to $1.4 trillion dollars a year by 2026. A five-point plan for leaders and the right technology will equip companies to chart (and continually re-chart) the best course.

Learn the prominent sources of change in the Digital Age, plus the required technology capabilities and research-backed leadership recommendations for navigating them in this paper.

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