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Demo - Enterprise One for the Portfolio Manager

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Demo - Enterprise One for the Portfolio Manager

Demo - Enterprise One for the Portfolio Manager

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As a portfolio manager, you are focused on translating strategy into measurable goals and actionable roadmaps across the business, helping your PMO and your organization facilitate planning and prioritization of the portfolios - from project and program, to technology and application. As priorities shift, you need to be able to visualize scenarios and drive better decisions through trade-off analysis. Whether tracking capital or forecasting incremental revenues as part of the strategic plan, portfolio managers manage investments and also use financial planning tools to effectively plan, track, and measure financial performance.

Portfolio managers support the PMO and engage with stakeholders, connecting the dots between the plan, who’s involved, and what it will take to deliver strategy across the enterprise.

Let’s take a look at the portfolio manager experience, and the solutions you can take advantage of with Planview.

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