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Planview PPM Pro Product Demonstration

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Planview PPM Pro - Product Demonstration

Planview PPM Pro Product Demonstration

Planning Capabilities - Rapidly Reprioritize and Realign Work

Planning is critical to establishing and maintaining long-term success in today’s business landscape of constantly shifting priorities. The PMO is a key player in reprioritizing work and realigning resources when executives change the strategic direction of the organization. In today's new reality, PMOs need to streamline their planning process to replan, pivot, and bring a single source of truth to their organization.

With the Planview PPM Pro Planning Package, you can transfer your plans from disconnected spreadsheets into a single solution that provides visibility for you and your organization to quickly redeploy resources to the most strategic work. Your PMO can work closely with stakeholders and drive maturity in key areas, such as portfolio and resource planning, project prioritization, and capacity analysis. With the right package size for your organization, you will launch in less than 30 days and be empowered to gain insights and get your resources to work on your new strategy. It’s planning, simplified.
  • Centralize projects and work from disconnected spreadsheets into a single solution
  • Ensure the portfolio aligns to strategy as priorities shift
  • Re-prioritize and replan for new and existing work
  • Reallocate based on resource and role availability
  • Plan capacity for future demand
  • Visualize impacts of change

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