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Resource Management Capabilities

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Resource Management Capabilities

Resource Management Capabilities

On Demand Demo

In this demo, you’ll see how the Resource Management System included in Planview’s portfolio and resource management solutions can help you integrate strategy and execution across all your work and resources. You will see how the Resource Workbench dashboard:

  • Offers a holistic view of which resources are committed to each work activity
  • Highlights under- and over-allocated resources
  • Helps you understand constraints across the enterprise

You’ll see that project-level information can be used to add roles and resources and align resources to strategic and organizational goals. Flexibility in analyzing information allows you to visualize and configure information according to your preferences. Project-level information allows you to get as high-level or as granular as desired.

Ideally, data drives decision-making. Planview Enterprise’s Resource Management System enables you to staff resources in terms of how they best fit skill requirements. You can view specific skills (for example, product design) and levels (basic, intermediate, and advanced). When you make changes, they are instantly reflected across all dashboards and reports.

The Planning dashboard utilizes the Predictive Portfolio Analytics Engine to review constraints in terms of resources, roles, and budget to see what is realistic to accomplish. To ensure that you can meet strategic and organizational goals, you’ll be able to choose the right projects based on those constraints.

In an example scenario, you’ll learn how to review the number of projects selected for the portfolio, the number of projects excluded, and recommendations for which projects to work on based on the best fit for the organization and what it’s trying to accomplish, based on highest-priority scoring. A before-and-after comparison of resources by utilization offers optimization based on budget and resources. The Resource Management System then produces a schedule with a timeline.

Planview Enterprise’s Resource Management System seamlessly aligns your project portfolios, team members, and spend with business strategy, analyzes resource capacity across portfolios, and puts people with the most appropriate skillsets on the right work.

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