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Get started on your project to product journey and emerge from the current economic downturn with a stronger operating model

Planview’s Personalized Assessment and Roadmap offering leverages the framework laid out by Planview CTO, Dr. Mik Kersten, in his best-selling book, Project to Product, and its practical and successful application with hundreds of complex enterprises. Mik and his team have had the closest seat at the table and can apply their hard-earned insights and best practices to specific corporate realities.

Request a personalized assessment for your organization and Planview experts will work with your leadership team to build a practical roadmap to operationalize and sustain a mature product model. Our experts will help you:

  • Assess your progress on the continuum from project to product
  • Identify the root causes preventing your organization from completing the shift
  • Build a practical roadmap for the work to be done to operationalize the model, stage by stage
  • Learn how to measure, monitor, and keep the journey on track
  • Develop a business case to prioritize the initiative

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