Ten Proven Military Strategies for Better Resource Planning

It may come as no surprise that in a countless number of surveys of IT PMO leaders, resource management is consistently at the top of their list of barriers to successful value delivery. They have limited resources, and struggle with how to use them effectively and efficiently across an ever-growing and ever-changing influx of demand.

Nowhere is there a richer source of strategies and tactics for how to apply limited human resources than in military history. With that in mind, this paper explores 10 timeless military strategies -- tried and tested over thousands of years -- that can be effectively applied toward modern day resource planning.

About the Author: Jerry Manas, Senior Editor at Planview, is frequently cited by leading voices in the world of business, which often reference his best-selling book, Napoleon on Project Management, particularly its core themes of simplicity and focus. His work has been highlighted in a variety of publications, including Leadership Excellence, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Chicago Sun Times, and The Houston Chronicle. He has written numerous articles and appeared on radio programs nationwide. At Planview, Jerry applies his passion and expertise to developing and evangelizing best practices in the areas of leadership, planning, execution, and value delivery. He also is focused on creating communities of practice around topics such as innovation, capacity planning, portfolio management, project management, and more. You can follow Jerry on Twitter @JerryManas.

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