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Visual Project Management for Teams

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Visual Project Management for Teams

Visual Project Management for Teams

Kanban 101: Supercharge your team's productivity

How often do you find yourself at work flipping between tabs, unable to complete a thought before moving onto something else?

Across teams, departments, and organizations, tasks get forgotten, notes go unnoted, and important ideas get lost thousands of times a day — resulting in a workforce that is chronically stressed, overwhelmed, and underproductive.

Teams around the world have found a solution. It’s called Kanban. Kanban (pronounced kahn-bahn) is a way of thinking about and managing work that can bring discipline and focus into the way your team works. Kanban provides that clarity through this one concept: Visualize your workflow.

Visualizing your workflow might sound like an overly simplistic solution, but it can truly work wonders on your team’s ability to work with clarity and purpose. By encouraging teams to identify, prioritize, and intentionally complete work items one at a time, Kanban can help combat the damaging effects of multitasking in a hyper-stimulated world.

Download the guide to learn:

  • why multitasking is a myth
  • how to harness the power of focus to get more done
  • how to make Kanban boards and cards work for your team
  • four guiding principles to use with your team
  • practical tips for managers and teams to jumpstart your Kanban journey

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