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The Reality of ITSM Tools as Enterprise Service Management Tools

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Successful strategies for optimal execution in the changing world of work and resources

"Because ITSM vendors position their products as all-encompassing enterprise system management (ESM) solutions, I&O leaders could become locked in to unsuitable tools for their needs and be faced with a difficult exit strategy." 1

According to Gartner, "By 2022, more than 90% of I&O leaders who selected a new ITSM tool in 2018 because of its promoted capabilities beyond ITSM will remain below ITScore for I&O Level 3."

“ITSM tools often do not work well for PPM leaders and PMOs charged with facilitating difficult decision making regarding the use of limited resources for project work.” 2

If you are an I&O or PMO leader, check out this insightful Gartner report to understand why ITSM tools are not a viable enterprise-wide platform to address your project portfolio management (PPM) needs or long-term business strategy.

1 Gartner, The Reality of ITSM Tools as Enterprise Service Management Tools, authored by Chris Matchett, Daniel B. Stang, Carol Rozwell, John A. Wheeler, Desere Edwards, Rob Dunie, Stefan Van Der Zijden, Melanie Lougee, Joachim Herschmann, Refreshed December 2019, Published August 2018. 2 Ibid

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