Transitioning from Project to Product with the Flow Framework®

Learn how the Flow Framework can guide and measure your organization's transition to product value streams, as well as how to get started.

Transitioning from Project to Product  with the Flow Framework®
flow framework

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The destination of the project to product journey is clear: mastery of large-scale software delivery, the 21st Century’s means of mass production. But the road to get there has been murky; until recently, the office of the CIO had neither map nor compass to ensure it is moving in the right direction.

With the 2018 publication of his Amazon best-selling book, Project to Product, Planview CTO, Dr. Mik Kersten, has charted that path. He introduced the Flow Framework®, a lean and prescriptive framework for business and technology leaders to guide and measure the journey to product and their organization’s ability to achieve innovation velocity.

In this white paper, learn how the Flow Framework can enable the shift from project to product by:

  • Establishing consistent outcome-based metrics for your current and future state
  • Baselining how quickly your products are actually meeting customer needs
  • Setting targets for improvement and tracking progress
  • Continuously identifying and removing system bottlenecks in your product value streams

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