The Smart Approach to Resource Management

Don’t Let Your Resources Fall Through The Cracks

Resources are the organization’s most valuable asset and it is critical that they are focused on the right work at the right time to deliver the highest value. Effectively managing enterprise resource capacity to meet incoming demand is typically an organization’s biggest challenge.

IT, PMOs, and resource managers must have proper resource management solutions in place to efficiently plan, prioritize and allocate resources to ensure delivery of key initiatives. Throughout the project execution phase, organizations must maintain agility to maximize utilization, constantly optimize and reallocate resources against changing needs - while keeping projects on track.

The smarter approach to enterprise resource management and forecasting begins with software to support three foundational elements: planning, execution & change, and tracking.

Download our latest whitepaper “Your Resources Are Falling Through The Cracks” for a closer look at a best-practices approach to resource management:

Resource Planning

  • Predictive analysis for resource prioritization & optimization
  • Dashboards for resource capacity & demand
  • Visibility of resource allocation across entire portfolio
  • Accurate resource forecasting for identifying gaps

Resource Execution & Change

  • Request workflows for instilling resource governance
  • Standardize resource approvals and allocations
  • Increase agility with what-If scenario planners to adjust resources when plans or priorities change

Resource Tracking & Measurement

  • Ensure ROI of your deployed resources
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Tracking and tracing budgets versus actuals
  • Capitalization of labor cost

Download this whitepaper to get smarter with your resources and improve delivery on the projects that matter most.

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