Everyone is a project manager

A study and guide to successful project collaboration.

A deeper dive into project collaboration

Times are changing, and so are the ways people work and collaborate. With technology and globalization as driving forces, pressure is put on organizations to do more with less. We are armed with technology but complex work streams, tight deadlines, and geographical boundaries remain challenges for businesses all over the world. Long gone are the days of exclusively working with your office neighbor; modern teams must work together virtually and collaboratively to achieve business goals.

In order to learn more about the challenges of collaboration, teamwork, and project management in today’s global 24/7 economy, Appleseed Partners conducted a survey with 200 people based in North America who manage or participate in projects.

The study was commissioned on behalf of Planview, a global leader in solutions for strategic planning, portfolio and resource management, project collaboration, and enterprise architecture. This eBook covers the top findings and prescriptive takeaways for project success.

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