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Planview Enterprise One - Product Demonstration

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Planview Enterprise One - Product Demonstration

Planview Enterprise One - Product Demonstration

Planning Scenario - Rapidly Reallocate, Reprioritize, and Realign

With changes and disruption coming at light speed, planning can’t be an annual process anymore – Dynamic planning means embracing change and equipping your organization for opportunity that lies ahead. Uncertainty becomes a catalyst for success in the market when others fail to pivot fast enough.

With the Planview Enterprise One Planning Package, you can manage the portfolio from formulation to execution enterprise-wide, on a cross functional scale. Executives, Finance, EPMO, and other teams can collaborate and uplift capabilities in flexible funding models, scenario planning, impact analysis, and visibility to steer strategic change and align delivery.

  • Transfer your plans from disconnected spreadsheets into a single solution
  • Establish and revisit strategic direction to re-evaluate your strategic initiatives and model different impacts
  • Continuously prioritize investments within different scenarios, shift and balance decisions vs constraints, and create flexible funding models
  • Allocate funding to set funding guardrails and establish expected ROI
  • Review performance to effectively forecast, understand spend to date, and provide visibility and governance to keep up with the pace of change

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