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Costing Agile: Win the Timesheet Debate with Finance

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Costing Agile: Win the Timesheet Debate with Finance

Costing Agile: Win the Timesheet Debate with Finance

Agile Development Costing and Automation of Actuals

The CFO wants to know the cost of your Agile teams' work and what can be capitalized across the teams. But your teams hate filling out timesheets, and no one can figure out how to align Agile activities with capitalization rules. What do you do when you don't want finance to stall your Agile transformation or hinder your Agile team success?

Join Carina Hatfield, Director, Product Management at Planview, as she discusses:

  • Why Finance and Agile leaders need to understand the true impact their Agile teams have to the bottom line
  • How to automatically roll-up and translate team assignments, work time, and work in progress to a consolidated view for Finance, eliminating the need for the highly manual task of time sheeting
  • How to automate Agile team costs and get the right funding and budgeting with proper CAPEX reporting
  • How to provide Finance with a fully auditable record of actual Agile costs
Both finance and Agile development leaders will learn how the automation of Agile actuals provides the necessary information for proper CAPEX vs OPEX categorization - eliminating the dreaded manual process of time sheet reporting and reconciliation.

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