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Innotas Cloud Portfolio Management solutions enables PMOs, IT managers, and CIOs to contribute more value to their organizations. Gain insight and visibility into your project portfolio, resources, and applications to ensure alignment with business goals.

Innotas encompasses all elements of planning and execution by taking a top-down approach. Begin with portfolio visibility and business alignment and end with improved execution—resulting in maximum value created for your enterprise.

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  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) Portfolio management software with top-down visibility to focus on projects that support strategic business goals
  • Portfolio Planning using Predictive Portfolio Analysis (PPA) Every organization’s #1 constraint is lack of resources. Learn how PPA utilizes predictive analytics to recommend your highest value portfolio based on your resource constraints. Increase your forecasting accuracy to key stakeholders.
  • Resource Planning, Scheduling, and Optimization Watch how resource-centric tools for resource planning, execution, tracking, and measuring project portfolios improves decision-making for each role and stakeholder within the organization. Ensure resources are highly optimized and focused on the highest value work, ultimately increasing project success and return on investment (ROI).
  • Project & Program Management Manage project schedules, tasks, and resources in a single location.
  • Manage Intake / Demand Management —Prioritize work requests and align with the business to create more value
  • Application Portfolio Management (APM) Build an inventory of your entire IT application portfolio. Rationalize your applications and reduce redundancy and save money. With APM, you can support enterprise architecture planning by analyzing and defining technology architectures and standards
  • Analytics, Dashboards & Reporting —Real-time analytics to measure, manage, and track all the work effort being managed within the PMO an IT.
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