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In this issue of A&G -The Growing Importance Of EA In The Business World, we discuss using the company’s transformation as an opportunity to establish or at least embrace a few of EA’s core ideas.  Here is a preview of the articles in this issue:
Thinking of Enterprise Architecture as Essential Architecture by Steven Else, PhD
With the disruptive business and technical models being used this decade, many organizations are looking to EA to help with the collection of requirements to satisfy the concerns of key stakeholders. Learn how EA can help implement intelligently and creatively architected solutions.

Quality of Services at the Enterprise Level Takes on Added Importance by Monte Rummer
Monte touches on common gaps that IT organizations have that impact quality.

Gains and Fears in the Cloud - The Experience of Federal and Local Governments by Michael Fimin
Michael discusses cloud migration fears, concerns and benefits as well as the keys to ensuring cloud data protection. 

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